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Copy of ABRA - "FRUIT"


Artist Abra

Label/Agency: Awful Records/Bach Agency

The Awful Records R&B singer has now shared a mesmerizing video for Rose track “Fruit,” gorgeously shot by JMP in a way that pairs well with the track. ABRA’s vocal delivery is restrained yet haunting, as if a spectral question mark looms over the whole song. The video matches this tension, showing ABRA singing and dancing under an overcast sky in an eerily pristine apartment complex, lingering around a quiet, disinterested man. -STEREOGUM

"Fruit" arrived earlier this year on Abra's Rose project. The drum programming is thin and simple; wispy vocals dart and dodge around massive slabs of bass. Tell me what you did last night, Abra sings. Did you close your eyes and think about me like I think about you? Later she asks, Are you really gonna stand there staring at me from across the room? In the clip, the camera does exactly that. Watch the JMP-directed video above, and get to know Abra. - THE FADER

Fruit’ first emerged featured on Abra’s ROSE – one of our favourite albums of 2015. The cinematic video is directed by JMP and sees the self-proclaimed Darkwave Dutchess singing, skateboarding and performing in a Miami apartment. -FACT MAG

Awful Records singer, producer, and songwriter ABRA releases a clean and crisp music video for the track “Fruit,” which appears on her album Rose. The JMP-directed video finds her trying to get the attention of a guy who way more interested in a soccer ball than the talented and gorgeous beauty that is ABRA. He is dumb as fuck. For those who want to give ABRA the attention she deserves, she’ll be on tour with D.R.A.M. beginning January 2016. Check out the dates below , and watch the video for “Fruit” above. - MASS APPEAL

Director, Cinematographer, & Editor: JMP

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