The Main Idea



Client:  Nike

Agency: Happily 

Project: Nike US Football x HUDL

HUDL, a robust app developed to "help coaches and athletes win," is a staple for high school football players. With over 100,000 football teams and millions of players utilizing the app, Nike Football is integrating premium content. Between late November 2015 and January 2016, we filmed in Miami, Buffalo, St. Louis, Nashville, and Pittsburgh with NFL players Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Ndamukong Suh, and Tyrod Taylor as well as ESPN host Kirk Herbstreit. The 22 videos that we delivered provide guidance and tips on how to improve as a football player and get noticed by college scouts.

Director: Joey Szela
Director of Photography: Galin Foley
Camera Operator: James Pereira

Miami, FL Crew

Sound: Andrew Percival
Key Grip: Rico Osorio
Production Assistants: Aline Navas
Photographer: Peter Cirilli
Model: Darnell Kirkwood
Talent: Ndamukong Suh

St. Louis, MO Crew

Sound: Tim Donsbach
Key Grip: Ben Burke
Production Assistants: Andrew Percival & Forest Wharton
Model: Darnell Kirkwood
Talent: Todd Gurley

Nashville, TN Crew
Sound: Greg Simmons
Key Grip: Carl Heinemann
Talent: Kirk Herbstreit

Buffalo, NY Crew
Director of Photography: Andrew Percival
Sound: Ben Juda
Key Grips: Chuck Moran & Tim Limner
Talent: Tyrod Taylor

Pittsburgh, PA Crew
Sound: Bob Buncher
Key Grip: Glenn Syska
Production Assistant: Marco Giordani
Talent: Antonio Brown

Post Production

Editing: Galin Foley, Joey Szela, Andrew Percival
Animation: Oxbow