The Main Idea



Client:  Only NY

Project:  Brand Anthem

Only NY is a New York City-based streetwear brand with a crystal clear mission: create quality goods in limited quantities inspired by the city, nature, fishing, skateboarding, graffiti, sports, art and photography.  Simply put; there is no brand that embodies the quintessential NYC lifestyle as well as Only NY.

During the tail-end of summer 2016, we spent two days working alongside the Only NY team with the goal of creating a brand anthem that would ring true for years to come.  With that in mind, we took a deep look at the core elements of the brand, and built production plans around capturing Only’s unique “inner-city outdoors” aesthetic.

Read more about this project in our Behind the Scenes: Only NY blog post.


Director: Joey Szela
DP: Galin Foley
Producer: Ben Weigher
Skateboard Cam Op/1st AC: Andrew Percival
Edited by: Joey Szela
Color: Galin Foley
Sound Design: Andrew Percival